Cloud Kitchen

Proven technological recipes for business transformation

What will we prepare in Cloud Kitchen?

This project's main goal and mission are to highlight key aspects of using cloud technology in the enterprise. We are focusing on the best practices and sharing our knowledge on how to avoid pitfalls during cloud adoption.

Let us help you choose the proper ingredients to plan the right activities in your business transformation journey.

Sneak peek of a cloud dish cooked
in episode #5

Get ready for a flavorful journey through Cloud Startegy, Governance and Landing Zones. Find out the most common challenges businesses face when they overlook these crucial aspects. Tune in and elevate your cloud culinary skills to new heights!

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Quick look at latest cloud's recipes

Episode #6 [Invitation]

Fuel your tech and biz transformation appetite with DevOps excellence and elevate your cloud projects with us.

Episode #5 [Teaser]

Full ep. length: 15 min 56 sec.

Step into the cloud realm and prepare to savor a delicious formula for cloud migration triumph with the right Landing Zone.

Episode #4 [Teaser]

Full ep. length: 19 min 38 sec.

Embark on a flavorful cloud migration journey and discover the secret recipe for success.

Episode #3 [Teaser]

Full ep. length: 14 min 19 sec.

Serve up growth in a fast-changing cloud environment without burning through your budget.

Episode #2 [Teaser]

Full ep. length: 27 min 22 sec.

The key ingredients for building a successful cloud team and creating the right culture.

Episode #1 [Teaser]

Full ep. length: 14 min 18 sec.

Find out about the goals and KPIs that should guide cloud transformation.

What you'll get thanks to our Cloud Kitchen video treats

Becoming more Cloud savvy

to use its full potential

Business Transformation support

to improve your organization's processes

Unlimited access to Top Cloud Chefs

and their know-how

Cloud Tips & Tricks based on real

projects implementations

A solid dose of practical tech

& non-tech knowledge

Deep understanding of Cloud

to avoid common pitfalls during its adoption

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Meet our Cloud Top "Chefs"

Marcin Knieć

Cloud Portfolio Director,
Transition Technologies PSC

Responsible for crafting a range of cloud products and services. With many years of experience in the cloud field, he knows how to blend the right ingredients to create cloud solutions that cater to each client's unique needs. He is a seasoned expert in combining business with the cloud, much like a chef who has spent years honing his craft, and he brings his expertise and passion to every project. Cloud solutions are not just a flavor enhancer for a business; they are the essential ingredient for digital innovation, enabling organizations to succeed in a highly competitive environment driven by data and insight-rich decision-making.

Paweł Fiderek

Competence Center Manager,
Transition Technologies PSC

A master chef of the tech world who serves up a delectable array of Azure and IoT solutions as a Cloud Evangelist and an IoT Architect & Manager. His job is like a culinary journey around the world, with many international meetings with developers, engineers, and managers to share his passion for IoT, system architecture, cloud, and AI. Like the "spice master," he tries to adopt fuzzy logic into extensive device fleet management, making it easy to understand and use. He combines his technical know-how with a deep passion for IoT, like a skilled chef who creates a signature dish using unique blends of spices.

Paweł Zubkiewicz, TT PSC

Paweł Zubkiewicz

AWS Serverless Hero & Master AWS Architect,
Transition Technologies PSC

An accomplished Top "Chef" in our Cloud Kitchen, who has honed his craft over the years, from working as a developer and analyst to becoming an architect and consultant. And just like a well-experienced cook, he is a master of various "cooking" tools and technologies, including AWS cloud, Serverless and FinOps. You can catch him at conferences and meetups, delivering presentations that will whet your appetite. Thanks to his passion and involvement within the community, he was selected for the AWS Community Builders program. Recently honored with the prestigious title of AWS Serverless Hero.

Wojciech Żydecki

AWS Solutions Architect,
Transition Technologies PSC

One of our Cloud Kitchen's tech-chefs extraordinaire, with a background as an open-minded AWS Solutions Architect. He's navigated the cloud world with a dash of creativity that would make even the finest tech master jealous. Having spent time abroad, he's no stranger to whipping up solutions in diverse, multicultural environments. In banking, he crafted delectable architectures for Feature Stacks and Integration Platforms. His stint in the Australian market saw him cook up a storm as part of an Android development team. In the UK, he worked his culinary tech expertise on backend APIs for apps, transforming existing flavors and adding a pinch of functionality.

Piotr Wykowski

IoT Team Manager and DevOps Evangelist,
Transition Technologies PSC

Unveil the IoT virtuoso and DevOps Evangelist, a tech luminary who thrives on innovation as one of our Cloud Kitchen Top Chefs. Like a master chef orchestrating a symphony of flavors, he directs DevOps principles to create a harmonious blend of efficiency and collaboration. With a pinch of continuous integration, a dash of automated testing, and a dollop of continuous deployment, he serves up software goodness that leaves everyone craving more. As a master craftsman of code, his expertise forms the cloud-touched foundation for exquisite solutions that flourish seamlessly and supports Industry 4.0 (r)evolution.

Have questions about Cloud Kitchen? Check now. We may already have some answers!

How long will I have access to the video content?

Access is unlimited. All you have to do is sign up with a valid/real email address to enjoy access till the end of the world and maybe even longer.

How to get full video materials?

Simple, sign up and you will get an email with a link to the playlist with access to all published Cloud Kitchen episodes. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Are any additional download-ready materials planned?

Yes, you will get something extra if you show interest in a given Cloud topic. Sometimes it will be a leaflet or infographic; other times a link to valuable additional materials.

Will there be more episodes in the future?

Yes, we are planning more recordings depending on the scale of interest in series number 1. We have created 6 episodes so far, but we treat it as an introduction to the broad topic of Cloud. Don't worry. We won't let you miss the next series. You'll get an email that we're launching the next Cloud Kitchen tasty video pack.

Will I learn more about how to start my business transformation?

Yes. The premise of this program is to support companies and equip them with useful knowledge about cloud transformation. The first series is just an introduction to this topic.

Do I have to be an expert in cloud technology to understand the message?

No, you don't. We set ourselves the goal of communicating key topics in an understandable way for the business world, not just IT. Cloud Kitchen is for everyone, regardless of the level of your tech awareness. Boredom is also not a threat to you because we have presented the key technical issues with a dose of humor.

How can I talk to TT PSC Cloud Kitchen's Top Chefs?

You can contact them at any time at your convenience. Write an email to or contact them directly on LinkedIn. Higher up, in the section "Meet our Cloud Top Chefs," you will find links to their profiles.

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